Summer Activities with the DWCNV

We will not be meeting at the Community Hall over the summer. We will continue to send members emails with information on member events, Political Action Alerts and action they should take, and Campaigns and Elections emails, giving information on volunteering for campaigns. You can make a difference by working on a campaign and we encourage everyone to participate.

Our members are invited to participate in the following events:

DWCNV members, family and friends will be marching in the Clifton 4th of July Parade for and with our Democratic candidates and our local elected officials. Details will be sent to members and all are encouraged to participate in this fun, short parade followed by a flag raising ceremony.

There will be a dinner for members at a local restaurant on Tuesday, July 18th. Members may contact us at for details and will receive information via emails from the DWCNV.

A pool party for members will be held in August the home of a member. Details for this event will be sent to all members.

General Meetings will resume in September.

Questions – email us at

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