Why We Are Democrats?

Here are some views on why we are Democrats:

I can only speak to why I am a Democrat and add that to the voices of others. Part of being a Democrat is the very fact that the response can be as different and individual as we each are. It is the union of our differences that make us Democrats.

I am a Democrat because I believe that all citizens of our country should be respected and listened to.

I am a Democrat because I believe all citizens ( including those who have paid their debts to society by completing a prison sentence) should be allowed to vote and that voting should be made as convenient and available as possible.

I am a Democrat because I believe that all citizens should have the right to love whom they wish,  pray or not pray as they wish and make decisions concerning their bodies as they wish.
I am a Democrat because I believe that the government created by these citizens should be available to provide assistance to those who are most in need and should be dedicated to assuring that all its citizens are able to live a decent and productive life.
That is why I am a Democrat.
                                                                                                                              … Barbara Levine June 2016

Democratic response to the State of the Commonwealth, January 18, 2010,
Senator Mamie E. Locke, 2nd District

As we work through this challenging legislative session, we will never forget what it means to be a Virginia Democrat. A Virginia Democrat focuses on results, not processes, places pragmatism above partisanship, and values reality above ideology.  We are not in Richmond for personal achievement, nor to embark on ideological crusades, nor to go to battle against perceived foes.  You have sent us here with an expectation that we will maintain the progress made in recent years and continue to move the Commonwealth forward, even in difficult times, and that is what we will do.


I am a Democrat because of what the party stands for – inclusion, fairness, equality, and opportunity.  –Anonymous


As a democrat, I believe that in order to achieve a cohesive and strong society you must first make sacrifices for the greater good. With hard work, communication, and education, we can all create a better world around us. I believe in equality, community, and action. It is more about how you hold yourself, how you treat those around you, and what you stand for than if you are red or blue. ” – Erin Bonilla, Graphic Designer

Below you will find the Democratic National Platform for 2016 to get a more in depth explanation of the Democratic guidelines:

2016 Democratic National Platform